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Llama Communications bridges digital and analogue, East and West.

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Creative, cosmopolitan IT services company specialising in visual communication, mobile application development, and Japan and EU market entry consulting. Project management, service desk establishment, internal socialising of new technologies, and creative use of technology in intra-company communication are our forte. A core team of experienced professionals work with specialists to define requirements, design solutions, and then implement and socialise those solutions.

About Us

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With a wealth of experience in the mobile communication industry, and in both the mobile application and video communication technical specialties, we are well-placed to help your company with your unified communications requirements. Our consultants have, among other experience, the following curriculum:

  • In 2005 implemented one of Europe’s most successful video conferencing programs, which today does more than 5 million video minutes per month.
  • Worked with Tandberg (since acquired by Cisco) to design for the first immersive telepresence system to make use of standard video conferencing codecs.
  • Built a second-level service desk in Egypt for videoconferencing support for Vodafone Group.
    • Wrote the definitive book for designing and programming iMode mobile applications, a precursor to today’s smartphone app markets (iMode: A Primer, 2001, John Wiley & Sons)
    • Managed developer support for Vodafone Japan’s Vodafone Live Portal.
    • Scoped and managed the requirement phase and implementation of JetStar’s Japanese mobile site, part of the official content sites of all three major Japanese mobile carriers.
    • Managed vendors on a $500 million billing system project, one of the largest IT projects in Asia at the time.

    Our Services

    Our services focus on real-world application of technologies to jump-start both intra-company and customer-facing communications. That means technologies to allow better communication and collaboration.

    It means mobile portal sites, and it means the effective training, support, and socialisation of those technologies.

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    As consultants, there is always the temptation to say ‘yes we can’ to pretty much anything. Our scope constantly changes with the business and technology landscape in which we work.

    However, real, deep understanding of the technologies we are involved in, and a real and demonstrable integrity mean that we only accept projects where we believe that we can contribute in a meaningful way.

    Our History

    Llama Communication Ltd. was founded in December, 2011, by Nik Frengle. He had just ended a long stint with major management responsibilities at Vodafone Group Services, Ltd.

    Image 02 Since then, we’ve had contracts to manage the roll-out of JetStar’s Japanese official mobile sites for their 2012 commercial launch in Japan, and to design a mobile job site in London. We have also had consultants involved in video conferencing support and projects at Credit Suisse.

    Contact Information

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    Llama Communication Ltd
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    Phone: +44 20 7473 4973
    Mobile: +44 7760 170 398
    Email: nik@frengle.org

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